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Here you can find my classic tours through Vienna, the Wachau and my hometown St. Pölten.

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It is a gem along the Danube.
There are many interesting and fascinating places to visit over a distance of  22 mi.

Have you ever been to Dürnstein, with its famous blue tower, which is supposed to remind you of the sky and the closeness to God?
Or do you know the Eselsteig, dunkeywalk - a path to today's Dürnstein ruins?
A famous prisoner once rode here - the English king Richard Lionheart, who was imprisoned on Dürnstein for some time.

Or have you already visited the dreamy place Weißenkirchen? The mighty fortified church, built to protect the population against hostile attacks, is particularly impressive.

And not to forget one of the most beautiful baroque churches in Austria - the Melk Abbey. The Benedictine monks have lived and worked in the monastery since the 11th century.
By the way, do you know Umberto Eco's Middle Ages - Mystery - Novel The Name of the Rose. The chronicler is a young monk named Adso of Melk.

Did you know that the oldest lady in Austria came from Krems? 
Or have you ever heard of the widow's braids in the Michaelerkirche? 
There are 15 widow's braids from the 16th to 18th centuries in the church. Women cut their hair when their husbands died as a sign of renunciation.

And the end of the day is, of course, found at the Heurigen, a typical local tavern, with a glass of wine.

Tour can also be combined with day trips from Vienna - Wachau.

If you want to learn more about the Wachau, this tour is perfect for you.

Half-day € 150.00 - maximum of 40 people
With more than 20 people, using a tour guide system is highly recommended

St. Pölten

Did you know that St. Poelten is one of the oldest cities in Austria, and at the same time the youngest state capital.
It was granted city rights in 1159 by the Bishop of Passau, Conrad II of Babenberg. And only since 1997 the Lower Austrian government has been hosted in St Pölten. 

Definitely, worth a visit, the city offers exciting things from the time of the Romans to the recent past.

Did you know about the architect Jakob Prandtauer, builder of the Melk Abbey?
He spent his last 20 years of his life in St. Poelten - and also contributed significantly to the baroque design of the city.

But St. Poelten is also a secret tip if you are a friend of Art Nouveau.

The so-called Stöhr Haus is located near the train station. The client was the primary of the Hermann Stöhr hospital. Through his brother Ernst he managed to get to know the architect Joseph Maria Olbrich.
Olbrich was also the architect of the Secession in Vienna and designed the Stöhr house in St. Poelten. Ernst Stöhr, a painter, designed the facade of the building.

And the cathedral of St. Pölten is a special highlight. It was converted to Baroque style under the architect Jakob Prandtauer and painter Daniel Gran. The Baroque, a child of the Counter-Reformation, was supposed to lead the faithful back to the Catholic faith and to show them the beauty of heaven on earth.
 So when you enter the church through the inconspicuous looking gate, you are faced with the gold and splendor of the Baroque period.

If you want to learn more about St. Pölten, this tour is perfect for you.

Half-day € 150.00 - maximum of 40 people
With more than 20 people, using a tour guide system is highly recommended


Who does not know the imperial city of Vienna?
The place where the Habsburgs controlled the fate of the world for several centuries.
Where women such as Archduchess Maria Theresia or the Empress Sisi have not been forgotten to this day - and if it is only on Chocolate Thaler where you can find her pictures.
 The Spanish Riding School with the famous Lipizzaner horses - the white horses.
 But did you know that the foals are black at birth? And one foal out of a 100 stays black even in adulthood - it is a lucky charm.
 It is therefore said that the Spanish Riding School remains as long as there is a black horse.
 Or could I rather invite you to a piece of cake? The world-famous Sacher cake, chocolate on chocolate, is very special. To date, the exact recipe is top secret and well guarded.
Or would you prefer an apple strudel? With some whipped cream and vanilla sauce?
 And this always includes a Viennese Melange, made from equal parts of coffee and milk and a topping of foamed milk.
 There is also always the traditional glass of water.
 Nobody knows that exactly.
 Some say that our water is so good and we are proud of our quality. Others believe to clean the spoon after stirring the coffee. Or maybe it is just to loosen up after the bitter coffee taste.

Tour can also be combined well with day trips from Wachau - Vienna.
 If you want to learn more about Vienna, this tour is perfect for you.
 Half-day € 150.00 - maximum of 40 people
 With more than 20 people, using an audio guide system is highly recommended