Special Tours


In Vienna in particular there are more exciting and interesting places to discover in addition to the classic city tour.

The secrets of the Hofburg, the winterpalace of the Habsburg family

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The Hofburg was built in the 13th century. Get to know more about this impressive building that can tell incredible stories.

Do you know where the former castle theater used to be? It is said that Maria Theresa happily walked on stage in her morning gown and announcing the birth of her grandson.

In which rooms did Empress Elisabeth live or where is the oldest part of the Hofburg?


Do you know the Zehrgardenstiege?

It is at the passage between Schweizerhof and Josefsplatz and is reminiscent of its function. Zehrgarden is a word that you don't hear much anymore today, but we still know the word consume. There was no storage room there for mid-life.


If you want to discover more exciting and unknown traces at the Hofburg, then follow me on a tour of the Hofburg.

Useless knowledge and facts tell a story

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Everyone knows useless knowledge or interesting facts, but connecting them to a city is something new.

This tour takes you through the center of Vienna and tells stories and stories that produce something unusual.

On the trail of Empress Elisabeth, called Sisi

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Anyone who opens a travel guide about Austria will soon be made aware of Empress Elisabeth. But who was this woman whose face can be found on countless souvenirs?


Did you know that she loved to eat violet ice cream? Or how did the famous diamond stars come, which were a gift from her husband Emperor Franz Joseph?


Follow me and I will tell you more about the Empress of Austria, and maybe show you some surprising places where you can still meet her.

Myths and legends

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Myths and legends are omnipresent in Vienna - one of these legends tells of the basilisk, a dangerous monster that could even kill people.


But did you know that a real basilisk once lived in Vienna? Some residents of a bakery allegedly found him in the well. But you could destroy the beast. 

If you are interested in finding out how it was killed, I invite you to follow me and I will tell you the story at the original location. And who knows, maybe we will also "see" the basilisk ourselves.

There are other legends and myth in Vienna. Are you interested in getting to know more, then I invite you to accompany me on a guided tour.

Numbers and secrets around the St. Stephen's Cathedral

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7 is known to be the divine number. That's why 343 steps lead us to the top of the south tower, because 3 + 4 or 4 + 3 gives 7.


But the number 37 can also be found in the number 37. How?

Possibly because of the Roman numeral XXXVIII, in which the X is, on the one hand, a cross, but at the same time the XXX is reminiscent of the Trinity.

Or do you know about Archduke Rudolf's secret code? One finds oneself at the episcopal gate and supposedly it is a code that replaces a letter of the alphabet with a symble.


If you would like to learn more about this incredible building, I invite you to accompany me on a guided tour.


During this tour, please note that the cathedral, as a building of God, is also used to read masses, and that an entrance fee is required to enter the cathedral.