What you might want to know about me

Who am I?

I am glad that you have found your way to me.

My name is Annu Hasenzagl and I am an enthusiastic historian.
During my studies at the University of Vienna, I was able to deepen my passion for history
I have been working in museums and found out I really enjoyed guiding tourists and telling them about all the hidden secrets of our exhibitions.

So it was natural for me to continue to educate myself in this direction.
And today I am happy that I have found my way to become a tourist guide.

My story

We all have a passion for something. Mine was revealed when I started working in museums.
This chance enabled me to find out how much I love to talk about art and history.

Since then I have trained as a tour guide and accompanied guests at home and abroad.
But that was not enough for me and I faced new challenges.

After studying for two years and passing all my exams to become a tour guide I have been working since 2019 and are officially guiding guests through Lower Austria and Vienna.

My qualification 

In order to be able to work as a tourist guide, a lot of preparatory work is required. 


Each guide must attend a course of several years and complete with a state examination. 

During this time we learn everything about the history, culture and art of Austria. 


In addition, we also learn how to work as a tourist guide and what is important for our profession. 


These are all experiences that I can build on today and that I incorporate into my tours.