It's time for an adventure

 Traveling is something that everyone likes to do and right now we all want to discover something new.

Even if there is still a lockdown, you can browse a little for inspirations where to go next.
So follow me, and I'll show you something hidden and new.

You are interested in getting to know new cities and in places that not every tourist sees. To discover hidden alleys, secret legends or winding streets, or just to spend a nice afternoon in a big city?

Both are possible!
Find out here how to book your unforgettable experience.

At the moment, tours are allowed for maximum 3 people from one household plus a maximum of six underage children. 

Saint Nepomuk is a protector from floods and drowning, therefore he is often seen in front of running water - maybe on a bridge. 

This statue is from my hometown - however, there is no running water nearby. So, why is the statue here? Follow me on one of my tours and I will tell you.

Cherry tree blossom is something you can only see in Asia - well there are places in Vienna too. 
Come with me and I can show you one of the most beautiful Japanese gardens.